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Turquoise and Ivory set in Sterling Silver.

Ivory represents purity and promotes vitality directed towards rightness in purpose and direction. It assists in expelling restlessness, anxiety, moodiness, and derision, while stimulating initiative, dignity, and serenity. Helps to bring forth solution from ones inner being. Wonderful for connecting with the ancient wisdom.
Turquoise Strengthens and aligns all chakras, elevates all chakras and can facilitate attunement between the physical level and the higher planes of existence. Excellent for spiritual attunement. Turquoise is a healer of the spirit, providing for a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind. It has been known to guide one through the unknown, protecting while promoting ones independence in action. It has been used by shaman of many ancient tribes.

This is a nice piece, in that it reminds me of both a flower and an eye. The eye meaning it helps me with the ability to feel like I can see both past and future with the turquoise keeping me grounded in the here and now. Sweet piece.