Bear Necklace


Handcrafted Necklace

Bear Necklace


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Black Chlorite with Turquoise chips and Sterling Silver inlay and silver wrap.

Chlorite is one of the most favorable healing stones. The properties of Chlorite are overwhelmingly positive. It brings the energy to enhance cooperation and stimulates ones personal affinity with “All”. It is a purifier and is quite useful for cleansing the aura, the chakras, and the energy meridians. It attacks anger, hostility, and exasperation and dissipates the dissenting energy. During the meditative state, it has produced celestial contact with the highest order of angels, with information imparted which was extremely relevant and of vast importance to the users. Used at the crown chakra, is has aligned the chakras and has bestowed a centering effect. At the heart chakra is seems to clean the area and to promote protection and love concurrently. It assists one in seeing and in understanding the stages of ones life and acts to provide insight to changes required to promote peace and happiness within ones life.

Price: $88.00